Measurement Submission

Having the proper measurements for your Suit/Tuxedo is essential, please have your sizes taken by a professional.  If you need a recommendation for your area, you can find one by clicking on “Affiliates” on the bottom of our homepage.  Once you have the proper measurements please click the link below to submit your sizes.


The following instructions are to be used as a guideline. Each person’s sizes may vary slightly due to different body types. However, if your measurements vary drastically from the following instructions, please re-evaluate your measurements and consider height and weight. Measurements for boy’s sizes are taken the same way that a man’s are taken, and a boy’s coat size is usually close to their age. We recommend that your measurements be taken by a professional; however this guide will assist you if you are unable to have your measurements taken. Feel free to send us a message with any questions or advice on sizing.


-Chest: Remove any bulky clothing. Place a measuring tape around the chest, just under the armpits. Make sure the person’s arms are straight down to their sides. You may want to add up to 2″ to the measurement to achieve a general coat size. (Example: if the chest is 38″, the coat size will generally be a 38-40)

-Overarm: Remove any bulky clothing. With arms relaxed at the person’s sides, place the tape around the largest part of the chest including the arms. Generally you will subtract 8-9″ to achieve a coat size. (Example: if the overarm is 51″, the coat size will generally be a 42.)

*Make sure you are not holding your tape at an angle over the person’s back. If your tape slides under the persons shoulder blades, you may receive an incorrect measurement.

*Of the above examples for chest and overarm, to get a rough coat size, you will want to compare these two measurements and generally use the greater of the two sizes.


-Waist: Remove any bulky clothing. Place the tape at the natural waistline. Pull the tape tight, however keep it comfortable.

-Hip: Place the tape around the largest part of the seat and hip. This measurement is typically 6″ more than the waist. If it is drastically larger than the waist measurement you may want to order a larger waist pant to accommodate the hips.

-Outseam: Make sure the person’s pants are at a level on their waist that is acceptable and comfortable. The person should be standing straight up and looking straight ahead. Place the tape at the top of the waistband and extend the tape straight down the leg to about 1″ above the floor if they are wearing dress shoes. If they are bare foot, take the tape measurement all the way to the floor.


-Neck: Place the tape around the neck leaving an index finger between the tape and neck. Make sure you are measuring low on the neck where the shirt will actually be sitting, and do not measure over any necklaces or clothing. Keep in mind that you may need a size larger than you measure if the person has a large chest or mid-section.

-Sleeve: Have the person relax their arms to their sides and face away from you. Place the tape at the base and middle of the back of the neck. Bring the tape across the top of the shoulder and down the relaxed arm to 1″ past the wrist bone.