Q: Is the Groom’s rental free?

A: Yes. With 5 paid complete packages, the groom’s package is absolutely FREE. No deposits, hidden fees, or taxes are charged! OR, the groom may choose to pay for his rental and get a FREE suit to own instead!  There are special prices for Ring Bearers as well!

Q:  Do you have slim fit suits or tuxedos?

A:  We have slim fit & ULTRA slim fit suits & tuxedos!  Whether you are a Classic cut, Modern fit, Slim fit or Ultra Slim fit…we have them all in multiple styles.  And if you don’t know what fit you are, or what the difference in those fits are we love sharing our knowledge so ask any consultant what you should wear.


Q: How early should I register for my event?

A: There is no “too early” to register. We typically suggest setting up your registry about 6 months prior to your event date if you already have your color scheme, however with our deep inventories and multiple warehouses we are able to dress a wedding perfectly, in only a few days….but we prefer you don’t do that to us (or yourself).  Unlike other companies that require 14 days notice to avoid a $20 rush charge, we do not charge a rush fee unless the order is placed the week of the event.

While you can register a wedding anytime,  we do not actually measure anyone more than 4 months before their event.  This helps keep the measurements accurate as possible, as people can change sizes if measured earlier than 4 months and we like to keep last minute changes the week of the wedding to a minimum.  If another company tells you that you need to be measured 6 months in advance for a suit/tux rental, they are more concerned about getting your money than getting you a well fitted suit and that should be a red flag.

Q: Do I have to pay in full at the time of ordering?

A: Not unless you prefer to do so.  A down-payment of only $40 is required to reserve an order, the balance is not due until the final fitting the week of the event. You may wish to pay the balance up front to streamline the final fitting time when you are picking up.  We do not hold a “deposit” above the cost of the rental, the $40 is a “down-payment” and will be deducted from the total cost of the rental.  FREE Groom’s rentals do not have to pay a down payment or deposit to reserve their garments.

Q: What sizes do you carry?

A: Nearly all of our rentals start at a size 3 boy’s (size 2 in select styles) and select styles go up to a men’s 76 Long. We also offer toddler tuxedo’s and suits starting at a size 3 months (for purchase).

Q: All of this service and selection sounds expensive…will this fit into our budget?

A: Absolutely! Pricing starts at $99.99 for complete package rentals! Our complete packages include:  Coat, pant, shirt, vest/cummerbund, tie, studs & cufflinks and shoes.  We guarantee the largest selection and best price!

Q: Do you rent suits as well as tuxedos?

A: Yes we do! We have several suit rentals to choose from in: black, tan, navy, brown and several shades of grey.

Q: Do you have a good selection?

A: We have one of the largest selections in the country! With 130+ tuxedo & suit styles, over 650 accessory color choices, more than 25 designer labels, classic cuts, modern fits, slim fits and ultra slim fits, you are sure to find something perfect for your event!

Q: Do you coordinate colors with the national bridal gown stores?

A: Not only do we have colors that coordinate with national bridal chains, you could coordinate color to your car’s upholstery with one of our over 650 vest/tie/cummerbund color choices!

Q: What is included with your rental packages?

A: Our complete package rentals include: Coat, any style pant, any shirt style or color, any vest/cummerbund pattern or color, any tie pattern or color, any studs/cufflinks, and any shoes! Once you select the tuxedo or suit style you wish to wear, you may dress the rest of your look however you like.  Unlike most companies, we don’t charge you upgrade fees for slim fit shirts, fashion shoes, etc.

Q: What should I wear to my event?

A: ULTRA FORMAL EVENING (“WHITE TIE”): Black Full Dress (Tailcoat) with matching trousers, wing collar pique shirt, white pique vest and bow tie, pearl cufflinks/studs, and black patent leather shoes. You may add a white pocket silk and white formal glove.

ULTRA FORMAL DAY: Grey Cutaway, striped trousers, pearl grey (doeskin) vest, white wing collar shirt, Ascot tie, onyx cufflinks/studs, and black patent leather shoes. You may add a white pocket silk or grey formal glove.

FORMAL EVENING (“BLACK TIE”): Black tuxedo with matching trousers, white/ivory shirt, cummerbund/vest, bow/euro/four-in-hand tie, cufflinks/studs, and black patent leather shoes. You may add a pocket silk matching the vest, cummerbund, or shirt color.

FORMAL DAY: Stroller with striped trouser, pearl grey (doeskin) vest, white/ivory lay down collar shirt, four-in-hand tie, onyx cufflinks/studs, and black patent leather shoes. You may add a white/ivory pocket silk.

SEMI-FORMAL: Black tuxedo, suit, or white dinner jacket, matching black trousers, white shirt, cummerbund (if wearing a tuxedo) or vest, tie, cufflinks/studs, and black patent leather shoes. You may add a matching color pocket silk.

BUSINESS DRESS: Suit, dress shirt, four-in-hand tie, belt, and polished dress shoes. Cufflinks and a pocket silk are a nice addition to business dress.